Sloth Note Pad

Sloth Note Pad
Sloth Note Pad

Sloth Note Pad

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ISBN: 9781441322685

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There's a lot to be said for sloth philosophy. Taking it slow means savoring the richness we miss when we're way too busy (like we all are all the time!).

  • Use this sloth-tastic daily to-do pad to plan a leisurely day.

  • Jot down notes, appointments, errands, and more.

  • Includes ''Today's Date,'' ''To-Do Soon,'' ''To-Do (After a Nap),'' ''Eventual Appointments,'' ''Errands to . . . Run?'' and ''People to Contact in Due Time.''

  • Note your mood (slothily serene) and rate your day!

  • Get stuff done (someday)!

  • 60 sheets.

  • Thick paper supports pen or pencil.

  • Pad measures 6'' wide x 9'' high.