Our Family Tree

Our Family Tree
Our Family Tree
Our Family Tree
Our Family Tree
Our Family Tree
Our Family Tree

Our Family Tree

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ISBN: 9781441320490

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Family matters. Climb up into your family tree and start exploring its limbs and branches!

  • This friendly organizer will enable you to record the story of your family.

  • Fill-in pages for details about family genealogy, children, relatives, pets, family gatherings, favorites, traits, your world, and much more!

  • Leaf through this book, select a section, and begin!

  • In the end you'll have a keepsake you'll want to preserve for yourself and for future generations to come.

  • Acid-free/archival paper.

  • Concealed wire-o hardcover binding.

  • Measures 8-1/2'' wide x 11'' high.

  • 104 pages.


  • Introduction

  • Tips to Start Your Search

  • Our Family Tree

  • Our Family

  • Our Marriage

  • Our Children

  • Our Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren

  • Parents (Her Side)

  • Parents (His Side)

  • Grandparents (Her side)

  • Grandparents (His side)

  • Our Ancestral Charts

  • Family Matters

  • Family Milestones (A Timeline)

  • Our Family's World Today

  • Our Pets

  • Places Our Family Has Lived

  • Citizenship

  • Family World Map

  • Education

  • Occupations

  • Family Gatherings

  • Religious Milestones

  • What We Like

  • Events & Experiences That Have Brought Us Closer Together

  • What Makes Our Family Special

  • Family Health

  • Family Treasures

  • Military Service

  • Family We Miss

  • Family Photographs, Mementos, & Additional Notes

  • Sources of Information