Digby Differs

Digby Differs
Digby Differs
Digby Differs
Digby Differs
Digby Differs

Digby Differs

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ISBN: 9781441313065

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We're not always born into our home -- sometimes we have to go out and find it.

Digby has always felt a little different from everyone else. For some reason he's just never felt like he belonged. He longs for a place that felt like home, and one day his yearning sends him on a journey of discovery that takes him to a place where the air is different, and there's a rushing sound quite unlike anything he's ever heard before. At last, he finds a place where ''feeling different'' feels just right.

Since Digby's debut in Germany in 2007, he has charmed thousands. Now he's available in the United States!

  • Ages 3 to 8.
  • Full color picture book.
  • Hardcover with dust jacket.
  • 18-1/4'' wide x 7'' high.
  • 40 pages.

Author and illustrator Miriam Koch lives and works as a commercial artist in Bremen, Germany. Her love for the North Sea inspired her to create Digby Differs.


''A heartwarming meditation on belonging.''

''A memorable and distinctive story about difference, belonging, and home.''

''Every page is a masterpiece . . . a sterling example of the literature of self-acceptance and finding one's true home.''

''Vive la difference.''

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