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Author: Marcus Aurelius

ISBN #: 9781441337382
Page Count: 64
Published Date: 07-01-2021
Trim Size: 4.50" x 7.50" x 0.38"
Binding: Hardcover
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The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius offers timeless guidance for a turbulent world.

  • Like us, Roman Emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius lived through a world-altering pandemic: the Antonine Plague that devastated ancient Rome.
  • Renowned for his principled leadership, Aurelius kept private notes detailing his philosophy on life and leadership.
  • This is a collection of those private notes, filled with insights on responding well to hardship both in thought and in action.
  • His writings are a cornerstone of the Stoic philosophy, embraced by leaders throughout history and across the world for their emphasis on collaboration, rationality, and striving for the good of all people.
  • ''Motions and changes are continually renewing the world, just as the uninterrupted course of time is always renewing the infinite duration of ages.''--Marcus Aurelius
  • George Long's elegant 1862 translation balances accessibility with preserving the classic tone of the text.
  • With archival printing, this pocket-sized edition is designed for both portability and longevity.
  • Hardcover gift volume with dust jacket makes an ideal addition to any home or office library.
  • 64 pages.
  • Book measures 4-1/2'' wide x 7-1/2'' high.

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