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Specialty Bookmarks



Author: Peter Pauper Press

ISBN #: 9781441337610
Page Count: 6
Published Date:
Trim Size: 1.25" x 7.50" x 0.38"
Binding: Plastic
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Price: $4.99

A useful tool for those with ADD or dyslexia, and for students of all ages.

  • Transparent yellow-tinted windows highlight what you're reading and help you focus, line by line, for better visual tracking.
  • The nontransparent portions of each guide block lines above and below.
  • No more skipping words or lines!
  • Pack contains 6 Guides.
  • Highlighter Reading Guides can help strengthen reading skills and concentration and make a powerful study aid for tests and examinations.
  • Each guide measures 7.5'' wide x 1.25'' high.Package measures 9.5'' wide x 2.25'' high.

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