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Little Black Books



The Essential Guide to the World of Cannabis

Author: Steve Elliott

ISBN #: 9781441306111
Page Count: 160
Published Date:
Trim Size: 4.25" x 5.75" x 0.50"
Binding: Wire-O
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Price: $9.95

Revised and updated! Handy and to the point, this pocket-sized book gives you ''the dope'' on pot, from possible side effects and risks to medical uses and their efficacy. This concise guide to cannabis delves into pot culture and history, from Herodotus to the hippies and beyond, as well as the essentials of using, cultivating, and cooking with weed; identifying pot varieties; and understanding legal and health issues.

  • Includes full-color photos of marijuana varieties.
  • 160 pages
  • Portable size: 4-1/4 inches wide x 5-3/4 inches high; fits in your back pocket.
  • Concealed wire-o binding
  • Book lies flat for ease of use
  • Elastic band attached to back cover keeps your place or keeps book closed.

Author Steve Elliott is a journalist and editor of the Village Voice Media blog, ''Toke of the Town: Cannabis Culture News and Views'' ( His specialties are drug policy reform, medical marijuana, and marijuana legislation. Steve is also the cannabis/dispensary critic for the Seattle Weekly print and Web column ''Toke Signals.'' He is based in the greater Seattle area.


''From cover to cover, The Little Black Book of Marijuana delivers exactly what it promises: An easy-to-read, well-researched informatively entertaining 'essential guide to the world of cannabis' . . . If a cannabis fan was forced to choose one piece of weed-themed literature to bring with him or her to a deserted island (or even just on a long plane ride), it should probably be this one.''
Seattle Weekly blog

''Calling Steve Elliott an accomplished journalist in the fields of drug policy reform and medical cannabis would be a significant understatement . . . As far as broad-spectrum introductions go you'd be hard-pressed to find better.''
4Evergreen Group

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