Celtic Wisdom Artisan Mini Book

Celtic Wisdom
Celtic Wisdom
Celtic Wisdom
Celtic Wisdom

Celtic Wisdom Artisan Mini Book

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ISBN: 9781441317308

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''Anything is possible in the fabulous Celtic twilight . . .'' -- J. R. R. Tolkien

Woven into the legacy of the ancient Celts is a sense of the extraordinary, as well as love, laughter, spirituality, adventure, and a fierce desire for expression. This little collection of Celtic Wisdom is filled with sayings, blessings, quips, and quotes from doers, dreamers, and tellers of tales. Let its wise and witty musings fill your heart with Celtic light!

  • A special feature: Mini book includes an inside front cover pocket sized just right for a gift card. (Gift card not included.)

  • Beautiful book is crafted with soft, leather-like cover material made in Italy.

  • Covers are embossed with Celtic motifs.

  • Page edges are gilded with gold foil.

  • Includes a matching ribbon bookmark with which to keep your place.

  • 96 pages, filled with quotations and sayings.

  • Keep a copy in your desk or bag to provide inspiration at work or on the go.

  • Mini book measures 3-1/8'' wide x 3-7/8'' high.

  • Comes in a protective polybag.

  • Tiny book makes the perfect gift!