Kids' Daily Planner Note Pad


Kids' Daily Planner Note Pad

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ISBN: 9781441337405

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Keep kids on track every day with this handy to-do pad!

  • Colorful, fun daily note pad is designed especially for kids!

  • Pad includes a space for each day's date, plus ''My Chores,'' ''Everyday Activities'' (''Made My Bed, Brushed My Teeth, Cleaned My Room, Did My Homework, Went Outside, Read, Practiced''), ''Diary: What I Did Today,'' ''Things to Think About,'' ''My Mood'' (''Excited, Happy, Worried, Sad, Angry'') and ''What I'm Thankful For Today.''

  • Chore list is customizable -- add your own family-specific responsibilities.

  • Daily note pad comes with 60 pages.

  • Easy tear-off sheets can help children accomplish tasks on the go.

  • Thick paper supports pen, pencil, crayon, and marker.

  • Check off those chores and celebrate their completion!

  • Pad measures 6'' wide x 9'' high.