Wholesale Ordering


I'm sure if you're a customer of ours you have checked out our ordering capabilities on our website at www.peterpauper.com. We offer retail pricing, and shipping via UPS. Any order of $30 or more qualifies for free shipping! 


However, if you have your own store or business, have you checked out our wholesale section? You can click on the link there if you haven't yet. On that area you can see how to place orders directly with us. Our trade show schedule is also listed for your convenience. Should you wish to receive a catalog by mail or have a sales rep contact you, simply fill out the form on the left hand side and we'll take care of the rest. 

Should you wish to purchase items for a giveaway, our ASI/Specialty Sales dept can also be reached through that contact information. 

If you want to place an order for your store, directly with us, please use our Brandwise OrderPad site: Peter Pauper's Brandwise OrderPad website. You can sign up there and you'll be first to have access to our new catalog once it's uploaded. Orders via OrderPad are expedited since it's all done electronically. Please note, if you've used BWConnect to place orders in the past, we have upgraded to OrderPad. You must register for OrderPad in order to place orders as we no longer update BWConnect. Alternatively, you may also continue to mail, fax (914-681-0389) or email (orders@peterpauper.com) your orders to us as well as place them through sales reps. 

Have questions? You can contact us at customerservice@peterpauper.com