The Book vs. The Movie

I guess it's sort of a chicken or the egg thing for me, which came first? It's incredibly rare that I prefer a movie to a book, if I've read the book prior to seeing the film. This holiday season there are a lot of films out that were first available to the public as novels.

Some of the ones that came out earlier this year or are currently out:

Of these, I admit that I've only read Twilight and The Hunger Games. Enjoyed the books of both much more than the film versions. I seriously think those that skip reading the books and just go to the movies are depriving themselves of the experience to immerse themselves in the worlds of these stories. It's an experience that stays with you. Entire scenes are skipped  (The Hunger Games) or added (Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2when making the films. OK, OK, I'll admit I loved the surprise twist of Breaking Dawn Part 2. But I was sitting there going "This didn't happen in the book!" My whole point is that by reading, you enter into a realm that lives with you for as long as you're reading (and sometimes long after). It's not a mere hour and a half. So your experience will be much richer if you take the time to read the novel before (or instead of) seeing the film. 

Some of the ones about to be released:

The first two are both assured of being box office hits with their built-in audiences. I'm dying to see both of them! Literature provides an almost unending list of works that can be made into feature films — or even television series. Did you know the following were books before becoming TV shows?

Maybe you can catch up on some reading over the holidays and be ready for the next season of some of these highly acclaimed and highly rated TV shows. It's good to know what can be lurking around the corner for your favorite characters even if the shows do deviate from the originals. It's amazing where the cable networks are getting their fodder for shows these days. I'm proudly pleased. What do you think? Are you someone who likes to read and gets surprised when the book you finished last year ends up a TV show? Are you someone who rushes out to get a book to read just before the movie hits the theaters or do you prefer to see the film or TV show only? Let us know why. Which were your favorites? 

P.S.: In case you're wondering about the bookmark above, it's one of ours that will be available in the new year.