Well, well, well, it is Friday, January 11th, and New Year's Day has come and gone! Everyone starts the New Year with such a positive outlook, great energy, and a thousand ways for what they are going to do to better themselves.

Then reality sets in. You get back to your regular daily routine and, little by little, some promises that you were so certain to accomplish, are becoming harder to complete.

So, we would like to know, are you still upholding your New Year's resolutions or did they just become another thing on your to-do list?

F.Y.I. I promised myself that I would re-start my resolutions again in March. smiley

Self-Loathing Turns to Self-Improvement



Yes, sorry to say it but the season for over-indulgence is over with. If you're in the north you still have at least 6 months before beach season. Buck up! There won't be holiday cookies, chocolate, and candies in the office anymore. You can choose to get healthy without being bombarded by overly-sweetened stimuli all around you. If you're in the mind to get moving, get healthy, and perhaps drop some hibernation weight in January – we have just the thing! 

Diet & Fitness Journal is one of our best-selling items. This time of year, we see a spike in sales for good reason. It's a proven winner. Just check out some of the reviews on Amazon.com or BN.com. And you can customize it to fit whatever program you're doing (Weight Watchers, Zone, Belly Fat Cure, Atkins, etc.) You can log what you eat, your mood, your energy level as well as track all your exercise.

We'll also have a Workout Journal early to mid January that you can buy here

Same principals as Diet & Fitness but with a concentration on those that plan on working off most of their issues at the gym or via other exercise. Both of these have easy to follow introductions that give you the basics on diet and exercise. The rest is a tracker that you use to record your food and movement. There's also weekly status update pages and an overall progress page.

To complement these books, we also have a Pocket Calorie Counter which has two sections. The blue section shows you the nutritional information for everyday foods and the orange section has nutritional information for chain restaurants. 

Whatever you choose, we wish you the best in 2013! May it be a happy and healthy one.



Christmas is all over with. You're probably still sorting out gifts that you loved from the gifts that will be returned and dreading the lines at the mall…. have you given pause to think about resolutions for 2013?

  • Do you want to be more giving?
  • Spend more time with children, family and friends?
  • Lose weight? 
  • Read more books instead of watching TV?
  • Curb your spending habits?
  • Spend less time online?
  • Concentrate more on people instead of things?

What are you thankful for now that time has slowed down a bit between the holidays? Feel free to share. 

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