New York Times Book Review– “Hank Finds an Egg” is “that rare picture-book pleasure: a wholly original take on storytelling.”

The New York York Times Book Review has just reviewed our forthcoming picture book, Hank Finds an Egg by Rebecca Dudley! Reviewer Pamela Paul says that Hank "is that rare picture-book pleasure: a wholly original take on storytelling." She continues, "A wordless tale told entirely through manipulated photography, the story concerns a small, hand-sewn stuffed monkey (like a young cousin of Curious George) who finds a lone egg sitting on the floor of Storywoods Forest . . .

"How to get the egg back into its treetop nest? In a series of panels and full-page photographs, he uses materials found around the woods and his own ingenuity to do what he can. The job eventually requires help from another quarter: The egg’s owner and mother, a ruby-throated hummingbird, who accepts the monkey’s carefully-wrapped egg, and flies it upward. When her babies are born, the monkey’s caregiving is duly rewarded with a grateful flapping of wings as the newly hatched offspring thank the little rescuer.

"It’s a simple story but the sweet images give it a magical gleam. Rebecca Dudley’s woodland creations — the faux, claylike trees and brambly twigs and carefully constructed leaves bring to mind fairy houses, and share their curious ability to mesmerize small children. It’s as if a fine layer of pixie dust has been strewn across the landscape. This is a story about the mystery in the everyday, the excitement that can ring through a peaceful nature walk and the sometimes unexpected interplay between living creatures and their environment."