Giveaway Frenzy! Children’s Picture Books – Digby Differs


Answer our trivia question to win our featured item of the day. Contest is open to residents of USA/CAN. One correct reply from our various social media  outlets will be randomly chosen as our winner. Past winners are excluded from the contest for 30 days after winning. Good luck!

This week our questions are based on well known children's books. 

In L. Frank Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," what color are Dorothy's magical shoes?

Our giveaway item today is DIGBY DIFFERS.

Digby has always felt a little different from everyone else. For some reason he's just never felt like he belonged. He longs for a place that felt like home, and one day his yearning sends him on a journey of discovery that takes him to a place where the air is different, and there's a rushing sound quite unlike anything he's ever heard before. At last, he finds a place where ''feeling different'' feels just right.