Fifty Shades

In lieu of my usual Wednesday blog post, I've decided to update everyone on two hot items that are now in stock! (Actually, WordPress ate my post. I spent hours on it a few weeks ago, and it's gone. 🙁 But I will be vindicated and recreate it, just not in the next hour or two. My apologies for not having a blog post up this morning. Technical difficulties.)

One or two people in the world have heard of a certain erotic novel published this year. Maybe. A few of you have even cracked up at the hysterical parody SNL did of a Mother's Day Kindle ebook commercial. If you're curious and not easily offended, go to YouTube and search for "Amazon Mother's Day Commerical" or try this:

But if you want to unleash your passions on the unspoiled pages of our brand new journal, it would give us pleasure. ::blush::

You can write about fifty ways to leave your lover or fifty ways to say goodbye. Or maybe it's a great little travel journal to write in while sitting on a beach somewhere contemplating your inner deity.

Writing things down isn't your thing? Maybe you're reading a certain NY Times best-selling three book series? A-ha! Then you'll need a bookmark to keep your place if you're momentarily distracted. We've got you covered there, too. 

You can find them both here:

Laters! 😉


Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

What's a pirate's favorite sock pattern?


What do pirates admire about knights?


What law enforcement agency do pirates fear most?


. . . And in a show of commendable restraint, I'll stop there. Greetings, swashbuckling Internet corsairs! Today, if you handsome crew haven't guessed it, is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. If you aren't already avast-ing and ahoy-ing about the town, there's still time to join in on the festivities! Grab the nearest really dashing hat, converse with a parrot at the local pet store, or just bombard your friends with truly atrocious pirate puns (way more fun than cannonballs, and arguably more painful for those on the receiving end). To the high seas!

Avast, ye scurvy scratcher-sketchers! Peter Pauper has long appreciated seafaring pirates ("privateers," as some prefer), most notably with our Pirates Scratch and Sketch. It possesses that attribute known to ensnare pirates of all ages: sparkles. No need to best the kraken or sail through tempests to reach these shiny objects, though. You just have to draw them!




Keep out of my book! And for heaven's sake, don't dog-ear the pages!If you're tired of people nicking your reading material (a practice I imagine is all-too-common aboard your average pirate ship), our Keep Out! bookmark sends an unmistakable message. There's a lenticular version, too, for extra emphasis.




A little subtler.Our iClips send a similar message, perhaps a bit more undARRRRRstatedly. (Sorry, I know it's a stretch, but I couldn't resist.)





X marks the spot! If you can tell the real map from the decoys. YAHAHA!And of course, for the recording of navigational notes, buried-treasure locations, and really eloquent piratical insults for later use, there's our Skull & Crossbones journal!




FARRRRRWELL! May you walk with a little extra swagger in your step today.

Practically Joking

Ever have one of those days? We have an office prankster here at PPP. Imagine the surprise of opening the office microwave to heat your lunch to find an arm inside. That’s what happened to one of our editors the other day.

The prankster shall remain nameless (unless they want to come clean publically)!  wink

The Pauper prankster got another co-worker with the same offending arm by tucking it under the breakroom refrigerator.

(We've even had Sully from Monsters, Inc. pop out of the fridge!)

Let's have some fun with this. We're blogging about our PPP office compatriots every Friday. After a few weeks, we'll have a contest to see if our readers/followers can figure out who our practical joke-meister is. The winner will receive a PPP item of their choice!