Have a Hauntingly Good Halloween!

I always debate which is my favorite holiday – Christmas or Halloween? Sure, they have some things in common like: kids love both, kids get cool stuff from others, you can decorate your house, they start selling decorations WAY too early in the stores, and they were both pagan holidays.Go figure. Halloween as we know it was first celebrated in the USA (Northern NY to be exact) in the early 20th Century. That's when kids first officially went Trick-or-Treating. Of course, it spread like wild fire.

Here at Peter Pauper we've been celebrating Halloween since I can remember. Various co-workers dress up and leave candy packs on people's desks. It's a fun place to work. Here are some photos of the Ghosts of Halloween Past here at Pauper Central, employees and their families. 





















How about you? Do you or your kids have some favorite Halloween costumes? If you'd like to win the Peter Pauper item of  your choice, please send us your photos (to be included in an upcoming blog) and we'll choose a winner at random. Send all photos to [email protected]



Since this blog was completed long before this Halloween, I promise a future blog about my actual Halloween this year – which I will be spending in New Orleans. THAT should be interesting!

In the meantime, below you'll find a video of some Paupers from the Sales (Ok, that's me), Production, Art, and Editorial Departments virtually dressing up this year. No laughing! Names have been left out to protect the (not so) innocent. We hope you have a fun, and safe Halloween. Boo!