Holiday GiftPack Giveaway – Week 2 (Art Supplies)

Peter Pauper Press is playing Santa once again!  Through December 15th we’re giving away weekly themed gift packs!

This week’s theme is Art! We’ve got a lovely basket packed with lots of artsy items for creative folks! Over $140 in value! Makes a wonderful holiday gift.

Items include:

As always, you can purchase any of these items on our website ( and if you use the coupon code NOV20, you’ll get 20% off through Nov 30th.

For a chance to win this giveaway, please reply to our Rafflecopter giveaway below. Be sure to respond by midnight on Dec 1st. Winner (US/CAN residents only) will be randomly chosen the following Friday Morning. Good luck! 🙂


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Holiday Gift Pack Giveaway — Week 3: Creativity!

Creativity Basket!

PPP is playing Santa!  Until 12/14, we’re giving away weekly themed gift packs!

This week’s theme is Art! We’ve got a lovely basket packed with lots of artsy items for creative folks! Check it out:

For a chance to win, please reply (once) to our Rafflecopter giveaway post (whether on our blog, Twitter, or Facebook page). Be sure and respond by Saturday, 12/12. Winner will be randomly chosen the following Monday. Good luck! 🙂


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New Holiday Cards!

Whistling Owls

'Tis the season! We have a wonderful selection of new Holiday Greeting Cards and they seem to be doing well. PPP offers several categories of cards and there truly is something for everyone, from religious cards, to cards with touches of humor, to cards with gorgeous photographic winter scenes. 

Many customers choose our adorable Small Boxed Cards (they're just 3-1/2 inches by 5 inches), such as Whistling Owls (shown left). 

Some prefer our Deluxe Boxed Holiday CardsOur lovely Skating Party card (shown lower right) is a new "Deluxe" for 2013. These cards also come in unique keepsake boxes which repeat the design of the card and feature magnetic closures and ribbon accents. 

Skating PartyPPP's Large Boxed Cards include some of our most popular designs, such as Peaceful Night. This year's releases include a fun snowman-and-sock monkey card: Winter Friends (shown below). Large Boxed Cards come in board boxes with an acetate lid and white envelopes.

Winter Friends

Our Panoramic Cards are especially dramatic. They measure 3-5/8 inches high by a full 9-1/4 inches long, but one does not need to pay additional postage to send them. Sophisticated Tree and Ornament Collage is one of our newest in that line, while Winter Forest Friends (shown below right and not to scale) remains a favorite.

Winter Forest Friends


We also have magical dimensional Laser Cut Cards. An example: our charming Village Birds (shown below). Woodcut Manger (also shown below left) is new this year in the Laser Cut line. 

Village Birds

Woodcut Manger

All our cards come with either white or coordinating Designer Envelopes and are printed on quality card stock that takes pen beautifully. 

Oh! And don't forget our Holiday Gift Bags to make gift-giving extra special! Happy Holidays from PPP!

Chag Pesach Sameach!

Happy Passover, fellow celebrants! The time of alternative carbohydrate solutions is upon us. Matzoh lines our shelves, ready to be spread with jam, crushed into matzoh meal, dipped in egg and fried as matzoh brei, or assembled into awkward, crumbly sandwiches. (I don't recommend the last unless you have a solid plan for crumbs and lost sandwich detritus. Elsewise it can only end in mess and regret.) Kosher wine and grape juice fill glasses. Children sneak noshes of the charoses when no one is looking. Unlucky, daring, and/or uninformed children also sneak noshes of the horseradish. Families take turns reading from Haggadot. Dayenu brings down the house. Elijah seder-crashes, but is kind enough to do so inconspicuously.

Having attended Passover seders with a few different configurations of friends and family, I've witnessed a broad variety of seder-traditions. My own family's traditions consist mostly of things that caught on as in-jokes. When it comes time to recite the Hebrew names of the ten plagues, we do so together in a supremely nasal exaggeration of my grandfather's Bronx-by-way-of-Long-Island accent. A few years ago, we began to occasionally pronounce punctuation ("comma," "period," "semicolon") while reading aloud from the Haggadah, a joke that started with my tendency to do so by accident. The family with whom we shared a seder last night used to dramatically re-enact the plagues. They unanimously preferred hail over all other plagues, as they got to simulate it by throwing ping pong balls at each other.

Jewish readers (and others who have attended seders!): What are some of your seder traditions? Is there a dish that's never absent from your table? Does a particular person have the honor of hiding the afikoman? Do you have your own wacky version of Had Gadya?

Before I go, allow me to recommend PPP's little book of Jewish quotations: First Aid for the Jewish Soul.

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