Holiday GiftPack Giveaway – Week 2 (Art Supplies)

Peter Pauper Press is playing Santa once again!  Through December 15th we’re giving away weekly themed gift packs!

This week’s theme is Art! We’ve got a lovely basket packed with lots of artsy items for creative folks! Over $140 in value! Makes a wonderful holiday gift.

Items include:

As always, you can purchase any of these items on our website ( and if you use the coupon code NOV20, you’ll get 20% off through Nov 30th.

For a chance to win this giveaway, please reply to our Rafflecopter giveaway below. Be sure to respond by midnight on Dec 1st. Winner (US/CAN residents only) will be randomly chosen the following Friday Morning. Good luck! 🙂


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Holiday Gift Pack Giveaway — Week 3: Creativity!

Creativity Basket!

PPP is playing Santa!  Until 12/14, we’re giving away weekly themed gift packs!

This week’s theme is Art! We’ve got a lovely basket packed with lots of artsy items for creative folks! Check it out:

For a chance to win, please reply (once) to our Rafflecopter giveaway post (whether on our blog, Twitter, or Facebook page). Be sure and respond by Saturday, 12/12. Winner will be randomly chosen the following Monday. Good luck! 🙂


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12 Days of Holiday Giveaways! Day 9 — What’s your favorite nostalgic holiday toy?

Welcome to PPP's 12 (working) days of holiday fun & giveaways! Each business day through December 21, we'll be asking a holiday-related question. One reply to each question (whether on this blog, Twitter, or Facebook) will be randomly chosen as our winner! That person may select one item ($20 retail and under) from our Web site as their prize. We enthusiastically welcome fun stories and photos. Best of luck!

Today's question:

What's your favorite nostalgic holiday toy?

I remember well the year Tickle Me Elmo landed on the shelves (and spent an average of five seconds there before departing in the hands of eager gift-givers). As a tweenager, I was mystified and intrigued by the intense appeal of this fuzzy red chortling thing. What drew people so inexorably to its giggles? Five years earlier, of course, I was deep in my generation's transient obsession with a kind of doll that, courtesy of rapid spinning generated by a pull-cord mechanism, could achieve helicopterlike flight over impressive distances. Not so long at all before the onset of thirteen-year-old cynicism, I had coveted and (joy!) received a light-up, moving, talking plush Pikachu from the Pokemon series. I still have the latter. Impressively, it still more or less functions, though nowadays its mechanized gestures have acquired a sluggish quality.

What toys from your youth stick out in your memory, when you cast your mind back to holidays of yore? What did you most hope to find under the tree, or in the wrapped box your parents handed you that (could it be?) looked perhaps the right size? Did it live up to your wildest hopes? Do you still have it? (By all means post pictures, if so!)

Since we're discussing great holiday gifts, kindly permit me to end with a recommendation for Foil It!, which I can vouch (if my enjoyment of it can be considered a solid recommendation) has about the best crafty-fun to mess-potential ratio I've encountered in many a year. Seriously.


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