Giveaway Frenzy Breathes Fire


Greetings, PPP followers! Tuesday dawns, and with it another giveaway. Tuesday gets its name, in a roundabout way, from the Norse god best known as Tyr, who presided over (among other things) battle and glory. In that spirit, I thought today's giveaway might feature a creature with a prominent (antagonistic) role in many narratives of combat and heroism.

So: Today, comment, tweet, etc. your answer to the following question. One fortunate winner will receive our plush Dragon Rescue Kit!

What epic poem protagonist defeated Grendel but met his end when wounded in battle with a dragon?

Dragon Rescue KitU.S. and Canada residents only, unfortunately.


Giveaway Frenzy Has Big Feet

GIVEAWAY-DOTS (3)Monday morning has dawned and a full week stretches before us, denizens of the internet. What perils will we meet in traversing this week's unknowable landscape, before we dock at last in the safe harbor of another weekend? Will we be called on to outwit the Cyclops? Will we pass between Scylla and Charybdis? Or will we run into something a little…fluffier?

Today, your challenge, should you choose to accept it: Name the two parties responsible for the famous, controversial 1967 film footage of Bigfoot.

One bold commenter/tweeter/etc. who answers correctly will receive our feetastic Bigfoot Rescue Kit.

Bigfoot Rescue Kit

Giveaway Frenzy: Hieroglyphics Journal


Our giveaways continue, friends of PPP! Answer our trivia question and win our featured item of the day. One reply will be chosen randomly as winner. Good luck!

Answer the question below to win this handsome Hieroglyphics Journal!

Hieroglyphics JournalWho discovered the famous tomb of King Tutankhamun in Egypt's Valley of the Kings in 1922? Howard Carter? John Carter? Or Henry Carter?

#giveaway #giveawayfrenzy

Note: U.S. and Canadian residents only, sorry.

Giveaway Frenzy: St. Patrick’s Day Edition





Welcome to thSPatrick's Day Edition of our Every Day Givaway!  

Answer our trivia question to win our featured item of the day. One reply from our various social media outlets will be randomly chosen as our winner. Good Luck!

Where and in what year was the most famous saint of Ireland, St Patrick, born?

Our giveaway item today is the 2015 Compact Celtic Weekly Planner. This calendar runs from September 2014 – December 2015. 

May the luck of the Irish be with you!