Meet the Author: Elizabeth Borsting

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  1. If you could invite any five people (living or dead) to dinner, who would you choose?Jack the Ripper, John Walsh, Martha "Mamah" Cheney (Frank Lloyd Wright’s mistress), Winston Churchill and Julia Child.
  2. What foods do you hate? Any pasta with red sauce, Mac ‘n Cheese (yuck!)
  3. What was the name of your imaginary childhood friend or favorite pet? Imaginary Friend:  Zimmy Oz
  4. What mildly embarrassing song or musical artist do you secretly love? The Carpenters
  5. If you had one superpower, what would it be? To wiggle my nose and have it do whatever I want ( a la Samantha Stephens of Bewitched)
  6. Who are your favorite authors of all time?  Ann Rule, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Jane Austen, Carrie Bradshaw (does she count?)
  7. What’s the last thing that made you laugh out loud unexpectedly?  Something funny my kids said
  8.  If you had a time machine and could travel to the past or future, what time period would you visit?  1920s – Flappers, bobs, t-straps and speakeasies
  9. What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?  A pigeon
  10.  What inspires your writing?  Interesting anecdotes, the stories behind the story.

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