Dallas, and no JR to shoot.

I had a wonderful time with our TOLA territory reps, RoadRunners LLC., in their showroom during the Dallas show last week. It was a blistering 99 degrees there, but it's a lot less humid than NY is! 

The showroom was buzzing with excitement over the Dig For Diamonds special that they do. Buyers were lined up outside on the red carpet on Thursday & Friday evenings before they could take their turn in the sandbox digging for over $5,000 in gems. Two lucky winners got to take home 1 carat diamond earrings. And almost everyone left with some kind of gemstones. 

I managed to squeeze in a 5 minute peek at the "Grassy Knoll" on Saturday night after the show while out looking for a BBQ place (it was closed on the weekend). Always curious about the JFK shooting near Dealey Plaza, it was a must as it was only a few blocks from The Magnolia Hotel, where I was staying. There were quite a few tourists out there braving the heat that night, too. What I hadn't known was that Kennedy was on his way to speak at a luncheon in the Trade Mart (where the show takes place) when he was killed. Here are a couple of shots of the JFK Memorial in Dealey Plaza, and the notorious Grassy Knoll. 

Thank you to all of our wonderful reps! A pleasure to meet everyone face to face. Hugs to Tosha, Les, Wanda, Debbie, Ann, Judy, Linda, Leeann, Lacey and Laura.