Students at Castelar Elementary in Omaha, Nebraska, recently enjoyed a visit from author/illustrator Bruce Arant!

Bruce Arant at Castelar Elementary"I don't know who has more fun when I visit schools, me or the kids," says Bruce Arant, author of PPP's popular picture book Simpson's Sheep Won't Go to Sleep! Bruce entertained and inspired students in kindergarten and through fifth grade at Castelar Elementary in Omaha, Nebreska, on June 23rd. Before his visit, the older students were asked to write a short descriptive text of their own. One student's work was selected for Bruce to use in demonstrating how he might create an illustration for it. Her teacher has since let Bruce know that the student is very proud her work was illustrated and is now very focused on writing more stories! Bruce also turns the tables at school visits and asks kids in grades three and up to illustrate another story he has written about an ogre named Irvin.
Kids sketching

"After they've had a few minutes to sketch their ideas, I have some of the students come up and I put their drawings on the projector for the whole audience to see," says Bruce. "It's always a lot of fun to see how their creative imaginations translate my text into pictures of the character of Irvin the Ogre."
Bruce projects an image