Which of these new designs is your favorite? Let us know!

We are very excited to have some fresh new designs for Spring 2013! The designs below — "Floral Dreams," "Hummingbird," "Lancaster Birds," and "Subway Art" — have been well received so far, but we wanted to ask our friends and followers — which design is your favorite? Can't wait to hear your feedback!





Congrats to Chuck Burke, “Gift & Decorative Accessories Magazine” Outstanding Manufacturer’s Rep!

While we were all hard at work at the New York International Gift Fair a week or two ago, one of the top reps we've ever had was receiving hard-won recognition for a job well done.

Congratulations to Chuck Burke (Road Runners, LLC) who covers New Jersey Gift & Toy accounts for Peter Pauper Press!

Chuck won the Outstanding Manufacturer's Representative award during the 61st annual Retailer Excellence Awards, presented by Gifts & Decorative Accessories magazine. Amazingly, this was not the first time Chuck received the award; he won it in 2007 as well, and is the first "repeat" winner. The award is determined by retail stores which subscribe to the magazine. From my own experience, Chuck is always a pleasure to deal with and one of the most prolific order writers PPP has ever had, which speaks volumes (pun intended!).

Seven awards were given out at the Gift & Dec gala on August 19th at Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers. We'd also like to congratulate some of our Peter Pauper retailers for winning three of the other awards:

Congratulations to all and THANK YOU, Chuck!


Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

What's a pirate's favorite sock pattern?


What do pirates admire about knights?


What law enforcement agency do pirates fear most?


. . . And in a show of commendable restraint, I'll stop there. Greetings, swashbuckling Internet corsairs! Today, if you handsome crew haven't guessed it, is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. If you aren't already avast-ing and ahoy-ing about the town, there's still time to join in on the festivities! Grab the nearest really dashing hat, converse with a parrot at the local pet store, or just bombard your friends with truly atrocious pirate puns (way more fun than cannonballs, and arguably more painful for those on the receiving end). To the high seas!

Avast, ye scurvy scratcher-sketchers! Peter Pauper has long appreciated seafaring pirates ("privateers," as some prefer), most notably with our Pirates Scratch and Sketch. It possesses that attribute known to ensnare pirates of all ages: sparkles. No need to best the kraken or sail through tempests to reach these shiny objects, though. You just have to draw them!




Keep out of my book! And for heaven's sake, don't dog-ear the pages!If you're tired of people nicking your reading material (a practice I imagine is all-too-common aboard your average pirate ship), our Keep Out! bookmark sends an unmistakable message. There's a lenticular version, too, for extra emphasis.




A little subtler.Our iClips send a similar message, perhaps a bit more undARRRRRstatedly. (Sorry, I know it's a stretch, but I couldn't resist.)





X marks the spot! If you can tell the real map from the decoys. YAHAHA!And of course, for the recording of navigational notes, buried-treasure locations, and really eloquent piratical insults for later use, there's our Skull & Crossbones journal!




FARRRRRWELL! May you walk with a little extra swagger in your step today.