Pauper Puppeteers take to the stage next weekend

PPP is pleased to announce that our own Production Coordinator Jen and Designer Margarita are performing in a unique production next weekend!

The Arts on the Lake Puppet Theater, 640 Route 52, Lake Carmel, New York, is presenting a new adaptation of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales Friday and Saturday, April 19 and 20, at 8:00PM and Sunday, April 21, at 3:00PM.

“The Nun’s Priest’s Tale,” “The Pardoner’s Tale,” and “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” will be enacted by a cast of 24 puppets created by artist Mary Schreiber, along with 12 actor/operators. The puppets vary in size from six inches to seven feet.

Ms. Schreiber and Pauper Jen Gazzo are directing the presentation with the assistance of Ted May, eight-time Emmy Award-winning former director for Sesame Street. Jen also penned the adaptation. 

The original Canterbury Tales was written by Chaucer in the late 14th century. The work is a collection of tales told by pilgrims journeying to Canterbury Cathedral to pay homage to St. Thomas à Becket.

Ms. Schreiber, who teaches art classes for children and teens at Arts on the Lake, states that The Canterbury Tales'  themes of greed, vanity, and chauvinism "are simultaneously silly and serious and are as valid today as they were then.” She also notes that the tales are bawdy and earthy. As such, she warns, "This production is not for the preschool set, although older children should enjoy the stories with adult guidance.”

The ensemble of actors, puppeteers, and musicians includes Lisa Ameijide, Pallas Athene, Suzanne Bohmer, Kathy Burkovitz, Ed Durkee, Amy Emke, John Grassilli, Gavin Mackie, Francie Anne Riley, PPP designer Margarita Rubiano, and John Schettino.

Tickets are $12; Arts on the Lake members receive a $2 discount. Purchase tickets at Call (845) 228-2685 for reservations.

Flyer design by David Wheeler, photo by Jen Gazzo.


Which of these new designs is your favorite? Let us know!

We are very excited to have some fresh new designs for Spring 2013! The designs below — "Floral Dreams," "Hummingbird," "Lancaster Birds," and "Subway Art" — have been well received so far, but we wanted to ask our friends and followers — which design is your favorite? Can't wait to hear your feedback!





Another Yeti rescued, thanks to Customer Service!

Another Yeti has been adopted, thanks to the efforts of our own Maureen in Customer Service!

Yes, a customer contacted us last Thursday via e-mail, saying they had purchased a Yeti Rescue Kit as a Valentine's Day gift (perfect choice!), but that the box was missing the 16-page Caregiver's Manual with Passport, Medical Record, and Adoption Certificate. Oh no!

"Poor Yeti, he can't officially be adopted and is still an orphan without his paperwork," the customer stated in an e-mail. "I was surprised he made it to the USA without his passport. I'd hate for Homeland Security to find out and for him to be sent back to the Himalayas after traveling so far. How can we get the rest of his kit so we can adopt him?"

PPPer Maureen (a.k.a. "Moe") responded immediately, sending out the necessary paperwork. Hooray, another successful Yeti adoption, thanks to our caring Customer Service Team!