Holiday Gift Pack Giveaway — Week 4: Get Organized for 2016!

Organizational Basket!

PPP is playing Santa! We’ve been giving away weekly themed gift packs and we’ve got one more to go!

This week’s theme is Organization!

We’ve got a lovely basket packed with lots of goodies to get you organized for the New Year!

For a chance to win, please reply (once) to our Rafflecopter giveaway post (whether on our blog, Twitter, or Facebook page). Be sure and respond by Saturday, 12/12. Winner will be randomly chosen the following Monday. Good luck! 🙂

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PPP author of “I Am Your Songwriting Journal” is on the road!

Danny signing

Danny Tieger, PPP author of I Am Your Songwriting Journal, is currently performing as Michael Wormwood, Matilda’s older brother, in the traveling Broadway show Matilda the Musical, based on the classic children’s book by Roald Dahl.

When not on stage, Danny stays busy presenting mini songwriting workshops in bookstores across the country! He is pictured above with future songwriters at The Bookies bookstore in Denver, Colorado.

I Am Your Songwriting Journal I Am Your Songwriting Journal, written in first-person voice, speaks directly to its readers, launching right into tips, tricks, and exercises kids can use to get their words and music on the page.

Packed with songwriting tricks, rhyming and writing prompts, and song worksheets, plus colorful, edgy illustrations by David Cole Wheeler, the Journal encourages kids to laugh, doodle, and get creative.

Says Danny, “Kids are eager to express themselves through music and they are capable of writing the most amazing songs.”

Below is a photo of Danny performing in Matilda The Musical. In the photo, he is on the left, watching the “telly” (British slang for “television”) in his role as Matilda’s TV-addicted older brother Michael Wormwood. To his right are Mrs. Wormwood and Mr. Wormwood.

Matilda photo


Peter Pauper Holiday Gift Pack: What other Christmas ghost stories did Charles Dickens write?

Welcome to PPP's Holiday Gift Pack Giveaways!

Each Monday from now through December 22, we'll be asking one theme-related trivia question: Our themes are Music, Art, Kids, and now Writing!
Please be sure and respond by Friday of this week . . .
One reply to each question (whether on our blog, Twitter, or Facebook) will be randomly chosen as the winner the following Monday.
That person will receive a themed gift pack ($65 retail or more!) of Peter Pauper Press products as their prize!

Prize includes:

An Essentials Journal, Typewriter Note Cards, Quill Pen and Ink Notecards, a set of black Micro-Line Pens, a set of color Micro-Line Pens, a Writing "subway art"-style Journal, a Chapter One Journal, a Thoughts/Cat de Plume Journal, a Keep Calm and Type On Beaded Bookmark, a Wisdom from "A Simple Act of Gratitude" Stationery Set, a Black and Cream Letter-Perfect Stationery Set, and a Blank Book.

This week’s theme is Writing.  And the question is:

What other Christmas ghost — or goblin! — stories (besides "A Christmas Carol") did Charles Dickens write? Name one. 


Forthcoming PPP picture book ‘The Zoo Is Closed Today!’ a ‘wonderful little gem’

Cover of PPP picture book ‘The Zoo Is Closed Today!’

The Trades entertainment news analysis website has given our forthcoming picture book The Zoo Is Closed Today! (ISBN 978-1-4413-1526-7, $16.99, available this coming August) a glowing review.

Says reviewer R. J. Carter, "Evelyn Beilenson and Anne Kennedy pool their creative talents on this wonderful little gem that brings back some of the magic of the 'I Can Read' series.

"Utilizing a rhyming format and full-color illustrations, The Zoo is Closed Today! follows a brother and sister as they decide to visit the zoo one day, only to find that (in case you weren't paying attention to the title) 'The Zoo is Closed Today!' When Zookeeper Pete meets them outside, he explains, in great detail, the various maladies and afflictions that have beset the various animals, and how they all require time to recuperate before they will be ready for visitors. And when visiting day finally does come back around, the author puts in a charming little twist.

"Beilenson's rhymes are not forced, and her word choice makes things easy for beginning readers. (The title now adorns body-segment number three of our six-year-old's 'Reading Centipede.') Kennedy's illustrations show what looks like a Mary Blair influence, and are timeless enough that they could have been used in Little Golden Books of yesteryear, but are still appreciatively beautiful today."

Illustration from ‘The Zoo Is Closed Today!’

Another image from ‘The Zoo Is Closed Today!’