Forthcoming PPP picture book ‘The Zoo Is Closed Today!’ a ‘wonderful little gem’

Cover of PPP picture book ‘The Zoo Is Closed Today!’

The Trades entertainment news analysis website has given our forthcoming picture book The Zoo Is Closed Today! (ISBN 978-1-4413-1526-7, $16.99, available this coming August) a glowing review.

Says reviewer R. J. Carter, "Evelyn Beilenson and Anne Kennedy pool their creative talents on this wonderful little gem that brings back some of the magic of the 'I Can Read' series.

"Utilizing a rhyming format and full-color illustrations, The Zoo is Closed Today! follows a brother and sister as they decide to visit the zoo one day, only to find that (in case you weren't paying attention to the title) 'The Zoo is Closed Today!' When Zookeeper Pete meets them outside, he explains, in great detail, the various maladies and afflictions that have beset the various animals, and how they all require time to recuperate before they will be ready for visitors. And when visiting day finally does come back around, the author puts in a charming little twist.

"Beilenson's rhymes are not forced, and her word choice makes things easy for beginning readers. (The title now adorns body-segment number three of our six-year-old's 'Reading Centipede.') Kennedy's illustrations show what looks like a Mary Blair influence, and are timeless enough that they could have been used in Little Golden Books of yesteryear, but are still appreciatively beautiful today."

Illustration from ‘The Zoo Is Closed Today!’

Another image from ‘The Zoo Is Closed Today!’