Just in time for fall — our new “Little Book of Home Preserving”!

The Little Book of Home PreservingTake advantage of autumn's bounty with our new Little Book of Home Preserving by acclaimed food writer and blogger Rebecca Gagnon.

This attractive, easy-to-follow primer introduces the world of home preserving through basic methods and inspiring full-color photographs, and provides taste-tempting recipes for all seasons.

Rebecca's recipes for fall includes such mouthwatering fare as Autumn Spice Pear Sauce, Classic Applesauce, Concord Grape and Rosemary Jelly, Cranberry Ginger Conserve, Figgy Conserve, Pear Ginger Ginger Jam, and Pickled Beets.

Rebecca tells what you'll need equipment- and ingredient-wise; discusses the art of jam, jelly, preserves, and conserves; and covers basic hot water bath canning and lacto-fermentation preserving methods, along with safety issues and other matters.

From The Little Book of Home Preserving

Says Rebecca, "Preserving foods yourself is empowering, and transports you back to the very moment of a food's peak vibrancy." Imagine the summery scent of strawberries in the middle of winter!

Rebecca is a stay-at-home mother as well as a food writer and recipe tester. She says her "kitchen gonzo is fueled by her never-ending desire for meaningful and rewarding work, the desire to eat and drink well, and the hope that she will never have to be employed again for anyone other than herself." She is the creator of the yummy food blog CakeWalk, and resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.