Jolly Good Time in England

Over the Labor Day weekend I was working, but I enjoyed it. Yes, that's right. I was on my feet for 9 hours each day — but I was in England! Birmingham, to be exact. Sure, it's known more as an industrial city northwest of London, but there are quite a few things to see, do, and eat! This was our second year at the Birmingham Autumn Fair.  Peter Pauper has a UK branch run by White Pebble International, with a warehouse in Chichester, West Sussex. 

To make things easier, we stayed at the Crowne Plaza NEC, which is literally across the lake from where the Autumn Fair is held. Breakfast at the Pendigo Restaurant on the lower level makes things even easier. After that quick walk around the lake, it's off to the show. Aside from our constant Metric vs Imperial measurement issue, things run pretty smoothly during set up. So much so, that we had an extra day to explore the city of Birmingham. I did venture forth my first night and have dinner at a Gordon Ramsey-recommended establishment called Lasan. Absolutely loved it. Great modern Indian food, if you "fancy a curry." I relished every bite. 

We trekked into the Bullring on Saturday to take a peek at a U.K. shopping mall. Holy cow! It was as crowded as the U.S. malls were back in the 80s — for Christmas! That was great to see. Not sure how many people were actually shopping, but the food places were certainly doing business. There were some interesting sights in that mall. Had lunch at the tasty Handmade Burger Co.

The show was a success! And a new journal and bookmark combo was the hit of the show. More about those — later. 

Thanks for the hard work done by all of our UK agents, plus Adam Ash, Susan Fairley, Claire Evison, and Alice Jeffries from White Pebble. See you at Spring Fair in February!

P.S. — If anyone in London is interested in becoming an agent for us, that territory is currently open.