Free e-Cookbooks!

Peachy-keen readers, the time is upon us. Vary your menu, serve a surprise. Even an egg looks good in disguise!Peter Pauper's first round of retro-fabulous cookbooks have made their entrée (ha! See what I did there?) into the brave new digital world! To celebrate, from today to Oct. 3rd, we're offering them for free.

The inaugural five volumes of vintage treats are as follows:

The ABC of Cocktails

Carpe Cognac! Conclude your day (and possibly your ability to see straight) gloriously with a cocktail from the heyday of the three-martini lunch. Sip a Gin and It in your smoking jacket, engage in philosophical discussion over Absinthe Frappés, or bask in the rosy glow bestowed by a Brandy Alexander. Wry verses and illustrations illuminate this A to Z compendium of 1950s full-strength cocktails (with suggested dilutions for “amateurs and maiden aunts”). Featuring two parts time-tested mixology, one part refined taste, and a judicious splash of wit, this book will infuse your libations with high retro style. On Amazon Kindle.

The ABC of Cookies

The 1960s kitchen comes alive in this recipe homage to that disc of pure deliciousness, the cookie. Break out your gingham apron and brandish your Bakelite utensils as you prepare these classics, from Brown Lace Cookies and Snowdrops to Lebkuchen and Swedish Sprits. Pair Virginia Tea Cakes with your next cuppa, or indulge in an English Brandy Snap as you sip from your snifter. There’s a cookie for every mood, whim, and flight of sugary fancy in this time-honored A to Z compilation. On Amazon Kindle.

The ABC of Canapes

Let Peter Pauper Press "whisk" you back in time to the 1950s kitchen and the toothsome world of canapés! Host a retro cocktail hour, or just snack on a sampling of the fifties’ finest finger foods. From Anchovy Puffs and Eggplant Tid-Bits to Jiffy Chutney Canapés and Pickle Supreme, there's an appetizer fit for every gathering, from A to Z! Says author Edna Beilenson, "Every recipe is quick and easy with the exception of an exotic few. Use them all, one after the other or at random, for greater food fun." Remember the toothpicks and toast! On Amazon Kindle.

The ABC of Cheese Cookery

“Poets,” observed G.K. Chesterton, “have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.” Maybe so, but what cheese lacks in poetry, it makes up in pure gustatory delight. Celebrate the joy of cheese with Peter Pauper’s well-ripened A to Z anthology of cheese recipes. Savor cheddar in a French Cheese Soufflé, parmesan in Vie Parisienne Chicken Divan, and that fluffy cloud of the cheese world, ricotta, in Bon-Ton Cheese Cake. Warm stomach and soul on a cold winter’s night with Hot Cheese Soup. Give an old classic a sophisticated spin with Julio’s Macaroni. Sprightly cheese-themed verses and illustrations round out this ode to the sublime curd. On Amazon Kindle.

The ABC of Chafing Dish Cookery

Light up your life with culinary delights from our 1950s guide to chafing dish cookery! This elegant method of cooking at table, first fashionable in the 1700s, made a comeback in the fab fifties. Treat your guests to a unique feast that comes together before their eyes, with everything from Apple Fritters and Ginger-Banana Cake to Mexican Chili, New England Clam Chowder, and X-tra Yummy Zucchini. There's a recipe for every occasion, from A to Z! Says chief cook Edna Beilenson, "The fun in owning a chafing dish is using it often! The more you use it, the more often you will want to use it!" On Amazon Kindle.

Download them, and let us know what you think! We'll be releasing another (mystery) batch of five vintage cookbooks soon. If any of you collect classic PPP books, what titles would you be interested in seeing from us next?

Happy cooking!