Recipe Thursdays: Pop.O.Licious Cake Pops Wreaths!

A classic Christmas wreath with a new twist — you can eat the delectable decorations! This week's recipe is from our new book POP.O.LICIOUS Cake Pops by Joey Dellino and Tony Dellino of

Makes 24 Cake Pops

Follow Basic Cake Pops Recipe to uncoated cake ball stage, then proceed to Wreath-Shaping Instructions.

Basic Cake Pops Recipe
Wreath Shaping Instructions

Makes approximately 36-40 Cake Pops*

18.25 oz. box cake mix, any flavor
9" x 13" cake pan
16 oz. container store-bought frosting
Cookie scoop (about 1-1/2" diameter)
32-oz. bag of candy coating, any flavor
48 lollipop sticks
Sprinkles, any color
Styrofoam or wooden block

1. Bake the cake, following the instructions on the box, using a 9" x 13" cake pan. Let it cool completely and gather the rest of the supplies.

2. Cut the cake into 16 equal pieces while still in the cake pan. This will make it easier to crumble the cake in the electric mixer. Place 8 pieces into the bowl of the mixer and turn on at medium speed. Mix for 1 to 2 minutes until the cake is completely crumbled.

3. Add the remaining half of the cake to the bowl and continue mixing for another 1 to 2 minutes.

4. Add about half of the container of frosting (or 8 oz.) to the crumbled cake. Mix for 1 to 2 minutes until everything is completely mixed together and the cake reaches a dough-like consistency. Depending on how moist you want your cake pops, you may want to add more frosting.

5. Use the cookie scoop to create the cake balls. (The cookie scoop will help to keep your cake pops consistent in size.) Remove the dough from the scoop and finish rounding them by hand. Place them all on a plate or cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

*The number of cake pops this recipe yields depends on how large or small you make your cake balls. I recommend using a cookie scoop to make the balls a more consistent size. The rest of the projects in the book are designed to create 24 decorated cake pops, using the basic cake pop recipe as the starting point. Even though this recipe will yield more than 24 cake balls, it's always a good idea to have extras on hand when decorating, in case you run into any cracking/breaking problems and have to do some over.

24 uncoated cake wreaths (shaping instructions below)
1 14- or 16-oz. bag green candy coating
24 lollipop sticks
Candy cane sprinkles
Red sprinkles
Silver and gold dragée sprinkles
24 white chocolate chips
24 pieces of red licorice rope (7" each)

1. Prepare the uncoated cake wreaths by first rolling out all of the individual balls for the basic cake pops. Place them all on a plate or cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Then flatten each one slightly by just pressing down, using your hand or the bottom of a glass.

2. Place the candy coating in a microwave-safe bowl. Melt in the microwave, following the instructions on the package. Stir until you get a smooth consistency.

3. Dip the tip of a lollipop stick into the candy coating about a half inch. Insert dipped end of stick into the bottom of a cake wreath, making sure it is inserted far enough to achieve stability. Place wreath on a plate or cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Repeat with remaining cake wreaths.

4. Chill the cake pops in refrigerator (for about 15 minutes).

5. Remove the cake pops from the refrigerator. Dip a cake pop into the candy coating. Once completely covered, pull the cake pop out and gently tap the stick on the edge of the bowl to allow the excess candy coating to drip off. Place in a stand.

6. Use the tip of a toothpick to texture the pop all over the create the effect of a wreath. Dip into more candy coating and apply if needed.

7. As the pop hardens, but is still slightly soft, attach the candy cane sprinkles, red sprinkles, and dragées all around the pop.

8. Insert the tip of the white chocolate chip into the center of the pop so the flat base is showing.

9. Tie the red licorice rope into a bow. Dip the tip of the toothpick into green candy coating and dab onto the back of the licorice. Attach the bow above the chocolate chip, centered on the cake pop. Repeat steps 5 through 9 with remaining cake pops.

10. Let pops stand and dry completely.

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