Giveaway Frenzy Dispenses Hugs


It's Friday! You made it! (If you work the standard Monday-Friday schedule, that is. If your Friday-equivalent was Tuesday or Wednesday, retroactive congratulations on finishing your work-week.)

If this week's tribulations have you in need of a hug, answer today's trivia question to win our most hug-conducive plush kit: the Teddy Bear Rescue Kit.

Who created the first (American) teddy bear?

(Sorry, U.S. and Canada residents only!)

Giveaway Frenzy Gets Cosmic

GIVEAWAY-DOTS (3)I've always found Thursdays a little unearthly–haven't you? (No? Am I reaching with this one? Fair enough.) In honor of general not-of-this-worldliness, today we're giving away a plush Alien Rescue Kit. One winner will be selected from those who submit correct answers today!

EDIT: I have realized that I neglected to include the trivia question when posting last night! With sincere apologies, I am correcting that now. To be fair, if you have already commented, consider yourself entered to win :).

Where did the 1966 Tully Saucer Nest incident take place?


(Sorry, U.S. and Canada residents only!)

Giveaway Frenzy Likes Snow Cones


If your part of the world is anything like ours, PPP followers, you've been experiencing a bit of unseasonable (and frankly unreasonable) chill this week. To celebrate (or commiserate), today's giveaway features a creature who hails (ha) from snowy climes. Answer the trivia question to win our plush Yeti Rescue Kit:

Which two explorers said they saw suspicious big footprints on their way to becoming the first people (that we know of) to reach Mount Everest's summit?


Sorry, U.S. and Canada residents only!

Giveaway Frenzy Breathes Fire


Greetings, PPP followers! Tuesday dawns, and with it another giveaway. Tuesday gets its name, in a roundabout way, from the Norse god best known as Tyr, who presided over (among other things) battle and glory. In that spirit, I thought today's giveaway might feature a creature with a prominent (antagonistic) role in many narratives of combat and heroism.

So: Today, comment, tweet, etc. your answer to the following question. One fortunate winner will receive our plush Dragon Rescue Kit!

What epic poem protagonist defeated Grendel but met his end when wounded in battle with a dragon?

Dragon Rescue KitU.S. and Canada residents only, unfortunately.