Giveaway Frenzy: Louis XV Journal

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Answer the question below to win this handsome new Louis XV Journal!

Louis XV JournalWhich King Louis of France was also known as the Sun King? Louis XIII, Louis XIV, or Louis XV?

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iPhone, Android, or Windows?

In our office there's a constant debate over which is the better operating system for your cell phone. We have Apple purists who won't even consider anything else, Android users who think Apple is a cult, and renegade Windows phone users who like the seamless integration with their desktops. 

Our Design department uses MACs and everyone else is on a PC. I can tell you for our app development the iPhone is much easier to develop an app for. But that's only because of the uniformity of look and size. If the rumors about a larger iPhone 5S or 6 come to fruition, that may end. We are currently working to bring our travel apps to Android platform phones. 

Which do you have? Do you wait on line in front of the Apple store each year for the latest version of the iPhone? Do you prefer to be able to use Flash and use mods and unlock the bootloader (as I type it, I only vaguely know what it means)? 

Here are our two FREE iPhone apps: 

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