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  1. Hi there, I’d just like to tell you how lovely your mid-sized journals are. I’m a 17-nearly-18 year old who has been writing/drawing in journals since I was 14 (roughly four years) and for 3 of those years I have been using your journals. I’m a picky person and need a particular type of journal, because I do various types of writing in my journals. Sometimes I write, so I need lines. Sometimes I draw, so I need very faint lines that can be ignored when looking at a picture. Sometimes I add pictures or put away memos in the little pockets at the back. They are perfect for me and have suited me incredibly well for the past 4 years and I assume they will suit me well into the future as well. Thank you very much for providing me with the material I use to express myself everyday.

  2. I just thought I would send you some kind words… I walked into Barns N Noble and found your black rock journal…It gleamed at me “In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our souls soar.” The next day, I set out on an unexpected solo journey to Argentina. Im a small town girl from Nashville who loves horses and has a wealth of freedom along with a glowing spirit. I began writing in the Atlanta airport. It was September 9, 2013 and I was waiting for my departure at 9:13pm for Buenos Aires, seat 3A…first class. I continued my first class adventure until December 17th, (when I was back in the Atlanta airport watching the sunrise) I wrote my last word on the very last inch of the last page of your journal. And “in the midst of my first class adventure I found the magic that made my soul soar”!

    I am home for the holidays and thought I would return to Barns N Noble. I found another gleaming message “Shoot for the moon even if you miss it you will land among the stars”. In 7 days I leave for Japan to ride and work with show jumpers at the foot of Mount Fuji…Ill be taking my riding and writing to the moon!

  3. Finally! I found this page . It is well hidden. I would love the older bookmark covers, as they provide protection from spills, messes, etc. thank you.

  4. I was lucky enough on this St. Patrick’s Day to discover your beautiful journals while reviewing Tweets on Twitter. I perished your lovely journals and was especially drawn to the fold over one with butterflies. I will buy it someday because it reminds me of my beautiful daughter who passed almost 10 years ago…she comes to me as a monarch butterfly.

    • That’s a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing and we’re glad you like our journals. 

  5. I love your compact engagement calendars with a weekly format. I have purchased several over the last few years and am interested in purchasing more, but I would love some new cover designs to choose from. My suggestions are cherry blossoms, ladybugs, tulips, or daisies. I love that these planners have an elastic band to keep them and everything inside them secure. I also appreciate that they now have a pocket on the inside. One thing I always add that you might consider adding is a ribbon bookmark. Keep your great products coming!

  6. Hi. I love all your cards and buy and use them throughout the year. I would like to offer an idea that you might incorporate in the coming year. I would like to see more fall and winter designs in your thank- you cards and blank note cards. I especially write thank- yous after Christmas and for my fall birthday. I have used your laser cut tree and snowflakes but would love some additional cards to buy. Thank- you for any consideration of my need.

  7. Dear Peter Pauper Press,
    I recently sent out holiday cards using your product. It is the Season’s Greeting one with a snowman and a group of adorable dogs on the front, one of which is the perfect image of my dog. I happen to read the piece you put in the boxed set about your company and how you came by the name and the history. I was so touched by your description and the mission statement that you continue to aspire to that I wanted to write and tell you my reaction. Bless you for wanting everyone to share in your product. In this day of exclusiveness and greater expense that caters to a smaller but wealthier customer, I appreciate the belief you stated in 1928 and the attitude you continue today. You now have one more loyal customer. I look forward to exploring your products online and in the stores.
    Kate Casey

  8. Hi. I live Australia and would love to order the microbus journal 6 x 8 inch and i tried toorder it through your website but the postage was $112.00 Is there anyway I can have this journal sent to me so it doesnt cost so much.
    thanks, joey

  9. Dear Peter Pauper Press,

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mom’s Weekly Planner! The size is perfect, the layout is easy to keep everything organized, and I love all the space to make notes. It is by far the best agenda I’ve ever used, and have been using it for the last 4 years (even BEFORE I was a mom!!!).
    However, this year I bought a boring, 12 mo agenda with a plain black cover.
    I was not happy to do it, but this is why I did:
    For the last 4 years of using Mom’s Weekly Planner 18mo agenda, 6 months of the pages are completely wasted. Usually I’ve bought it in January, or received it as a Christmas gift (usually on my list), leaving July – Dec unused. Last time I bought it in July, and used it for the full 18 months…. and then I was without an agenda for 6 months!!! That is when I made the decision, with a heavy heart, to purchase my current, boring, plain, black agenda.

    I would love to start using Mom’s Weekly Planner again, but can’t justify buying an 18month planner, and then using only 12 months of it!

    Would you consider printing an alternating 18mo planner that starts in December and runs until July?… and if this already exists, please tell me where I can find it!!!

    Thank you,

  10. I have a Charles dickens book (a Christmas carol)you printed. There’s no date except for the date it was given as a gift(1944). The book slides in a box which is green the tile is a glued on label on the binding which can be seen in it’s box. What can you tell me about it? Thank you ahead of time

  11. I always knew there was one type of yearly planner/journal I liked. The paper has to be the right thickness and color, the book has to be the right size, have the appropriate spacing, etc. After a couple google searches I found this site and realized I’ve owned so many of your books! I am so happy that I’ll never have to search every bookstore, paper store, museum store to find the exact right thing again, I can just come here. You make the planners I hope to use forever.

    Thank you!!
    Been unknowingly using Peter Pauper for 10+ years.

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